Injuries and Treatment of the Shoulder

Rotator cuff injuries are common occurrences seen throughout adulthood. Symptoms include pain, weakness with overhead activities, and a catching sensation in the shoulder. Frequently, night pain is a common complaint. A physical exam with x-rays can often provide good insight into the problem. Treatment may include non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, exercises, or injections. When symptoms have been present for a number of weeks or months, an MRI scan may be ordered that will show the extent of rotator cuff injuries. Partial or complete tears are common. Nonsurgical treatment of a partial thickness tear is frequently successful with recovery times of one to two months. Full thickness o

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement is a technique in which hip replacement surgery is performed through an alternative approach compared to conventional hip replacement surgery. Historically, hip replacement surgery was performed utilizing traditional posterior or lateral approaches. This necessitates that certain muscles or tendons are cut in order to access the hip joint and perform the surgery. The direct anterior approach utilizes a muscle interval in front of the hip joint in which muscles and tendons are not cut for exposure of the joint. Because exposure can be more challenging, special instruments and a custom operating table are used to assist in performing the surgery. Patients who ha

Total Ankle Replacement

There are many causes of osteoarthritis in the ankle joint. Repetitive sprains, fractures, and abnormal biomechanics can all contribute to the loss of cartilage and a steady increase in pain. For many patients, ankle arthritis can be managed with conservative measures such as activity changes, bracing, and steroid or PRP injections. In severe cases of ankle arthritis, where conservative measures haven’t helped, ankle replacement is a procedure that can offer significant pain relief and a return to many activities. Total Ankle Replacements have been around for decades, but only in the past several years have the newer implants started to provide some patients with a dependable alternative to

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